Classic VGM; and other various mixed music
29 plays


a collab of some stuff i like now and some of the games are awesome too =]

Sonic Crackers (Knuckles Chaotix) - Evening Star

Alasia Dragoon - Stage 1-1

CastleVania Bloodlines - The Sinking Old Sanctuary (Stage 2)

Crusader of Centy - Root temple

Risatr - Ring Rink stage 5-1

Galaxy Force II - Beyond the Galaxy

Ronald McDonald’s Treasureland Adventure - Stage 1: Cave Area & Stage 3: Sunken Ship

Micheal Jackson MW- billie jean =P

Pebble Beach Golf Links - Music No. 3

QuackShot - Transylvania

sonic CD- Quartz Quadrant past

Ristar - Busy Flare round 3-1

Jim Power the arcade game - Main theme (Featured)



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